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ITGS Review

As the exams in May comes near, we started to review some of the old stuff.

This is the link that our teacher gave us to review

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Over 6 month of work, we handed our ITGS IA to our teacher on March 4th.  Here are the exact ZIP file I sent.

Please use this only as a reference

I got 26/30 which is a 7

Arash got 20/30

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Protocols in Real-Life

Today we came across an interesting topic in ‘Information Technology in Global Society’ class.  Mr. Watt challenged us to use protocols to transfer a text by only using binary numbers, zeros and ones! In example the letter “a” could be written as “0110 0001”. Then we would receive a sentence or a paragraph from him and pairs would have to come up with any protocol involved method to first write it as binary and then decoded back to text.  We decided to make a function using Google Spreadsheet.  We used VLookup function.

For more info in function in Google Spread sheet, go to Here

Here is our sample: