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CSLC (Canadian Student Leadership Conference)

CSLC is a national conference held annually at different high schools in Canada.  This conference brings together about 1000 high school students and 200 staff across Canada.

Our School, Halifax West High School won the bid for hosting school about 8 years ago for hosting school for 2015 according to the teachers.

As a CSLC 2015, our school had to prepare a lot of things over the summer.  So me and Arash volunteered such as

  • Stamping 10,000 paper lunch bags with Saint Mary’s University and HWHS stamp.
  • Filling 1200 bags sponsored by local university with the following
    1. Metallic Pin
    2. Maps of Halifax
    3. Indigo colored thin notebook
    4. Pen
    5. box of chocolate/chocolate bar
    6. Filling 1200 bags supplied by some university with
    7. Discount coupon for Halifax Shopping Center
    8. Dark patterned Scarf
    9. Blue CSLC water bottles
    10. 60 pages books about some university

In September 2015, volunteers attended a training session in saturday before the conference


Schedules PDF

Advisor Schedule

Student delegate Schedule

Still being edited


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