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Nova Scotia Provincial Math League 2016

Nova Scotia Provincial Math League invites top 6 teams from 6 regions from Regional Math League.  It took place in Dalhousie University Chase Building at Nov 23

My school, Halifax West High School was invited as one of the team.  Originally, we meant to send 4 people as one team.  Unfortunately two people dropped at the last minute and I had to contact people at midnight.  Which was 12 hours before the math league.

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ITGS Review

As the exams in May comes near, we started to review some of the old stuff.

This is the link that our teacher gave us to review

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CSLC (Canadian Student Leadership Conference)

CSLC is a national conference held annually at different high schools in Canada.  This conference brings together about 1000 high school students and 200 staff across Canada.

Our School, Halifax West High School won the bid for hosting school about 8 years ago for hosting school for 2015 according to the teachers.

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Conjugating Verbs in Spanish

To conjugate any infinitive verb that end in -ar,-er, -ir , we must drop the (-ar,-er, -ir) part and add the following:

-ar – er -ir
yo (I)                +o

Tu (you)         +as

Usted (you, formal)     +a

El (he)        +a

Ella (she)        +a

Nosotros/as (we)      +amos

Vosotros/as (you)        +ais

Ustedes, Ello, Ellas (they)      +an



















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CAS Project

We have finally decided on our project ! It was total challenge to get to choose the perfect project , from hosting public events to making music for charity , our team has decided to dedicate our time to write about our IB experience that could turn out to be an ideal model for future IB students. In this daily updated blog we discuss matters that occurred in class, share interesting information about an average IB student’s life and give a perspective of the atmosphere in IB.

Our first attempt was something big, filled with massive creativity and huge impacts on the community; it was to teach Junior Highs in the area about creative thinking in math and then hold a math league in the school. However due to shortage of time and different schedules this option wouldn’t be possible.

The next stop considered to be painless according to Bob Marley: “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” We decided to write and record our own score, but since the preparation took more than usual we decided to go on with another project area.

We finally arrived at the stage were we taught of having an interactive IB experience blog, since us and our friends were good at design and were quit experts when it came to blogging we couldn’t reject this excellent idea ! The goal is to write as much as we can and inform others about our experiences as a service to the future IB students, and also being creative when it comes to summarizing a day in our IB life. Also this activity helps our self in order to have a better understanding of our subjects or even improve our productivity.

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English SL IOP

IOP, individual oral presentation, is an interactive academic based activity that represents an individuals knowledge/ understanding of a literary work. It consists of a maximum 15 minutes with variety of different topics to choose from. The key to obtaining 30/30 is to start practicing months before the deadline, no matter what your topic is, the more you ace your presentation skills, the more opportunity for developing unique skills. There are several factors that make your presentation unique regardless of its general topic. Here we will introduce and discuss the three main factors to a successful IOP.  [ note: All the advises are based on personal experiences of a student whom English was his second language, and still managed to obtain the highest mark.]

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Protocols in Real-Life

Today we came across an interesting topic in ‘Information Technology in Global Society’ class.  Mr. Watt challenged us to use protocols to transfer a text by only using binary numbers, zeros and ones! In example the letter “a” could be written as “0110 0001”. Then we would receive a sentence or a paragraph from him and pairs would have to come up with any protocol involved method to first write it as binary and then decoded back to text.  We decided to make a function using Google Spreadsheet.  We used VLookup function.

For more info in function in Google Spread sheet, go to Here

Here is our sample: